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Survivalist Pet – Free Android App

Announcing a free app just released on the Android Market. This app contains a must have checklist to ensure the survival of your pet in a disaster situation. Download free @ the Android Market


Bug out Bag – Free Android App

Bug out Bag – Free Android App.

Bug out Bag – Free Android App

Bug out Bag was just released to the Android Market. This app is great for those who want to be prepared in a disaster. This app contains a comprehensive checklist of items needed in a Bug out Bag also known as BoB. A bug out bag is needed when an emergency occurs and evacuation is ordered. A Bug out Bag contains the essentials of survival for at least 72 hours. This app is free for download in the Android Market, just search for “Bug out Bag’ and you will find it there.


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Doom Box Released on the Android Market – Free App

Doom box was released to the Android Market and is holding steady in downloads. Doom Box contains sounds of doom such as Tornado warning sirens, Air raid sirens, Tsunami sirens, and more. This app is free to download and can be found in the Android market by searching for “Doom Box.”